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 · I told the guy that I just want "something simple" that I can easily plug the lighting into a nearby wall outlet in the event I have to relocate the entire enclosure. He told me that for my purposes, I could just take an old extension cord that wasn’t in use, strip it, and simply use the wiring for that. Question: was that sound advice?

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What are the requirements for repairing extension cords?We throw away alot of cord cuz everyone is afraid to put a replacement plug on a bad cord.They argue that this against OSHA rules. My thing is as long as they are UL rated for the size of cord how can this be.Why would they make the plugs if they were not legal. Help me with this please.

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If you accidentally cut an extension cord, your first instinct may be to just throw it out. But, it is possible to salvage the remains for a functional cord. You might think to splice the ends of the cut cord together, but this is not permissible under the National Electric Code, due to the damaged.

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