Life and Death in the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky (Mongolia)

Land of the Eternal Blue Sky In two weeks I will be leading a group of intrepid women on an amazing adventure. The trip itself has been in the works for over a year, but in truth it is the culmination of years of daydreaming and reading on my part.

None of this happened the way you think it did  · Don’t think that you have to get back to "normal" — that will never happen, and it’s a damn good thing. The pain you feel when you miss them is never going to go away, but that’s okay. Because you’re stronger than you have ever been in your life, and you’re capable of doing things that you were never capable of doing before.

Land of the Eternal Blue Sky Unspoiled and undisturbed, Mongolia is an unending countryside of rolling steppes and fenceless grasslands. It is perhaps best known as the home of Genghis Khan and the nucleus of his powerful empire, which stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the heart of Europe. The Mongolia I visited recently is much smaller than that once-feared empire.

The stars were so numerous and clear in the endless night sky that my shoulders felt their pressure, they were so close. Never, in all my travels, had I seen such a panoply of galactic splendor. Such is my memory of the night sky and the unending blue horizon of Mongolia, the land of the Eternal Blue Sky.

Mongolia: Land of the Eternal Blue Sky. and the Toyota Prius? I slept through most of my flight from Hong Kong to Ulaanbaatar, dreaming about the adventure that was to come – riding horses on the open steppe. 5 classmates and I had planned a weeklong excursion riding horses through Mongolia.

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The Land of the Eternal blue sky mongolia, the "Land of the Eternal Blue Sky", is clearly a fascinating country – a world of its own, unparalleled and unique. There aren’t many places in the world with such a deep-rooted and yet lively nomadic culture, rich history and grandiose landscape.

Background. Tengrists view their existence as sustained by the eternal blue sky ( Tengri ), the fertile mother-earth spirit ( Eje) and a ruler regarded as the holy spirit of the sky. Heaven, earth, spirits of nature and ancestors provide for every need and protect all humans. By living an upright, respectful life,

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